Traditional Tibetan Dishes That You Must Try!

How Delicious are Traditional Tibetan Dishes?

Mark Weins visited a well-known family in Tibet. His lived experiences led him to discover the secrets of Tibetan cuisine. To be honest, I haven’t heard of Tibetan dishes until just now. I know it’s unlikely you even saw one.

Just how delish are traditional Tibetan dishes? Luckily, we got Mark to lead us the way through this video. Let’s find out here in CookingRelated Blog!

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traditional tibetan dish yak and cheese momos
Tibetan Yak and Cheese Momos

Tibetan Yak and Cheese Momos

Looks similar to shumai, doesn’t it?

Momos may well be the most famous, and well loved, of all the traditional foods of Tibet. No celebration or special occasion will happen without some of these delicious dumplings.

A simple flour and water dough wrapped around a meat filling? Yes, but they are also so much more. The simplest momo will be a meat filling with some onion, Tibetan herbs and a little salt. Moreover, the delectable and delicious Yak cheese momos are also known as Chhurpi.

Traditional Tibetan Dish Fried Potato Momos
Tibetan Fried Potato Momos

Fried Potato Momos

Fried potato momos use a simple yet flavorful filling of boiled potatoes that are seasoned with garlic chives and pepper. This is a simple, tasty and delicious. Serve this momos with dipping sauce for lunch and dinner or even as snack and I am sure you will crave for more!

Traditional Tibetan Dish yak meatball soup
Tibetan Soup with Yak Meatballs

Yak Meatball Soup

Are you in for a soupy treat? Due to the climate brought about by the Himalayas, Tibetans love to make warm soup to keep themselves cozy. Moreover, these yak meatballs are high quality red meat that is considered healthier than beef. It is lower in fat and calories, but higher in protein and iron. Furthermore, Yak meat also has a slightly sweet flavor that some people prefer over beef. In this case, this is the perfect ingredient for having a warm delish soup.

Notice: The following content contains material that may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Traditional Tibetans Love Meat!

Traditional Tibetan Dish steamed sheep head
Steamed Sheep Head

While many of us in the West don’t grow up eating head meat, trotters, tails, and other variety meats, such cuts are regular fare in other parts of the world. Tibetan belief states respect for animal lives, which includes using all animal parts to give respect out of his lost life.

To cook a sheep’s head, wash it carefully. Then, put it in a pot with chopped onions, garlic, and herbs. Add olive oil, vegetable oil, and a half gallon of water. Close the pot, and let it cook over medium heat for an hour or two.

Fried Mutton

Fried Mutton

A delicious and succulent mutton fry recipe from the Andhra cuisine, made with aromatic spices. Moreover, a mutton recipe is versatile enough to be both a snack and a side dish for Tibetan dinner at parties. 

In fact, it is one of those meat recipes, which don’t require much effort to prepare and quick to make, if all the ingredients are in place.

tibetan ginseng fruit
Tibetan Ginseng Fruit

Ginseng fruits are usually added to tea and often sweetened with honey. Moreover, it’s safe to eat these raw berries too, which are said to be mildly tart but rather flavorless.

Besides honey, it is often accompanied with sugar and butter. This gives the fruits a candied flavor, which makes it a good treat for holidays!

Tibetans are situated between two political powerhouses, namely, India and China. Interested to know what these dishes in India and China have to offer? Click the links below!

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