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best traditional colombian dishes


For one reason or another, Colombian dishes doesn’t normally top the lists of internationally renowned cuisines, and many people would be hard-pressed to name one traditional Colombian dish.

Thus, we’re here to shatter some stereotypes. Believe it or not, Colombia is jam-packed with foods ranging from hearty and salty to sweet, gooey, and cheesy. Moreover, Colombian cuisine is known for its stomach-filling staples — but don’t be surprised if you get blindsided by a new flavor.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 dishes for this list!

  1. Carne de Polvo
  2. Bandeja Paisa
  3. Colombian Chicharron
  4. Hogao
  5. Aguapanela
  6. Arepas
  7. Chuleta Valluna
  8. Colombian Aji
  9. Pico de Gallo
  10. Cassava Cake

traditional colombian dish carne de palvo
Cooking Related Blog – Carne de Polvo

1. Carne de Palvo

Carne de Palvo, otherwise known as Colombian-style powdered beef, is a classic dish from the Andean Region of Colombia. This dish consists of flank steak boiled, then cut into chunks, and afterwards, process it until it reaches a powdered consistency.

traditional colombian dish bandeja paisa
Cooking Related Blog – Bandeja Paisa

2. Bandeja Paisa

Hailed from the Antioquia Department, bandeja paisa is obviously not for people with strict diets. Therefore, this is a must-have during cheat days!

Bandeja translates to “platter” in English, in other words, this is a platter full of Colombian dishes. Moreover, this includes carne de polvo, hogao, and arepas, to name a few.

Cooking Related – Colombian Chicharron

3. Colombian Chicharron

Would you look at that! It’s delightfully crispy and delicious down to its core.

Colombian Chicharron is basically pieces of fried golden brown pork belly. Moreover, it’s interesting that you don’t need to use oil to cook this!

Furthermore, this dish is perfect with bandeja paisa, making it a heavy meal for lunch!

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colombian chicharron
Cooking Related Blog – Colombian Hogao

4. Hogao

Hogao is a salsa that serves as a base condiment or seasoning for Colombian dishes. It consists of various vegetables and spices. Then, it is sauteed until soft and well-combined. Moreover, this salsa can be prepared at a minimum of 20 minutes, and only needs simple ingredients!

Cooking Related Blog – Aguapanela

5. Aguapanela

This is a refreshing summer beverage made with water and panela. However, if you’re not familiar with that thing at the left of the image, it is a solid block of sugar cane that tastes like brown sugar.

For this drink, you’ll only need to boil the panela in water and simmer it for 30 minutes. Afterwards, serve it cold for a thirst-quenching drink!

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Cooking Related Blog – Arepas

6. Arepas

This is a Colombian street food made with sweet cornmeal dough that’s deep fried until crispy. It’s fluffy and tender on the inside, giving you a beautiful combination of textures.

Moreover, arepas are usually filled with cheese, but you can stuff them with anything you like. In addition, arepas are also great with syrups so this can be also an alternative for your breakfast pancakes!

chuleta valluna
Cooking Related Blog – Chuleta Valluna

7. Chuleta Valluna

If you’re up for crispy and meaty like Colombian Chicharrons, try this dish!

Chuleta Valluna is served as a breaded pork chock full of flavors from spices and aromatics. In addition, the insides are tender and boneless. Then, served with fries and salad for a fulfilling fancy meal.

Traditional Colombian Dishes

colombian aji
Cooking Related Blog – Colombian Aji

9. Colombian Aji

Otherwise known as Aji Picante, is a spicy Colombian sauce from Antioquia, popularly used for Colombian Empanadas. Thus, you can add this hot sauce to just about anything!

Using a food processor, this sauce is easy to make. Just add tomatoes, lemon juice, green onion, white vinegar, jalapeno, and mix it altogether. You can adjust the heat to match it to your taste preferences.

traditional Colombian dish pico de gallo
Cooking Related Blog – Pico de Gallo

9. Pico de Gallo

A dish that demands a few ingredients, but bursts in flavors. This dish consists of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro soaked in lime and lemon juices. That’s just about it to make this wonderful Colombian dish.

Moreover, this salsa goes well with tortilla chips and friend plantains, giving them an exploding but refreshing taste.

cassava cake
Cooking Related Blog – Cassava Cake

10. Cassava Cake

Cassava cake, or otherwise known as cassava bread, makes your meal gluten-free that’s cheesy and starchy. However, they look like donuts, but they’re made with cheese and cassava starch.

Moreover, for a more flavorful impact, fill it with something like a fruity paste.

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