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Who We Are

Hello there, we are food enthusiasts behind the idea of CookingRelated Blog. We each have our own lifestyle, origins, and culture. Nonetheless, we chose where our hearts are most connected; food!

We believe that despite our differences in society, food will always bridge us back together, and that notion inspires us to deliver the best food blogs you and your family will definitely enjoy!

We’re different from the rest

A typical food blog consists of only food recipes, but here in CookingRelated Blog, up-to-date trends, mukbang videos, and other interesting stories are posted here. In other words, we are also your social media for food topics, all in one food blog.

What We Do

The world exists with gaps between diverse collective cultures of human society. However, one particular aspect that connects people despite dissimilarities is food. Food brings us closer together, and to enjoy the same food with different people bridges the gaps. For that reason, we commit ourselves to share with you recipes we derived from various sources around the world and share it with your friends and family.

We hope to bring love and hope to people who believe that food is the key to not just one’s heart, but to many.

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How to Support Us

On each article we make, we recommend products (especially cookbooks) that will definitely help you in your cooking journey. Moreover, each purchase you make gives us a percentage of the sales as commission. In other words, you are helping us grow as a food blog.

This way, we can continue to bring you the best food learning experiences, up-to-date cooking trends, and more relevant content with just a few clicks!

Getting excited to know about food topics and recipes? Start your cooking journey here!

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