8 Easy No-Cook Dishes for Summer

no-cook dishes for summer bbq


Don’t sweat dinner.

Some days are just too hot to think, too hot to move, and certainly too hot to cook. For those sticky, sweaty, sweltering days, make one of these no-cook dishes for summer. That means that you don’t have to turn on the stove or oven to enjoy a seasonally inspired meal for lunch or dinner.

Without further ado, here are 8 No-Cook Dishes for Summer!

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Smoked Salmon Egg Salad

Served on croissants, these grown-up sandwiches offer a great way to use leftover Easter eggs. Salmon adds smoky flavor. 

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Red, White and Blue Summer Salad

Caprese and fresh fruit always remind me of summer. In this no-cook meal, I combine traditional Caprese flavors with summer blueberries and peaches. Also, add prosciutto for saltiness, creating a balanced, flavor-packed dish. 

Hasselback Tomato Clubs

Hasselback Tomato Clubs

This no-fuss, no-bread riff on a classic is perfect during tomato season. Make it for lunch or pair with pasta salad for a light dinner.

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Easy Seafood Salad

This super simple, deceptively delicious recipe was inspired by a seafood salad I had in the Bahamas that featured conch. I substituted crab and shrimp for the conch and like it even more!

Chicken Cucumber Pitas

You can make it a good recipe for pita stuffing. Seeing the large stack of garden-fresh cucumbers on my counter, I decided to improvise and create my own no-cook meal. It was a huge hit.

At this rate, you might become a master of no-cook cuisine!

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Chicken, Nectarine and Avocado Salad

This salad is really summery and comes together very quickly. Using granola adds crunch and makes it different. I’ve tried using a various types of granola, and our favorites have been those that aren’t overly sweet but have lots of nuts. 

Cobb Salad Wrap Sandwiches

These wraps are easy for a summer night—and, even better, I don’t have to turn on my oven. There are smiles all around when I make this for dinner.

Watermelon Shrimp Salad

Sweet, spicy and easy to make, this salad travels well in a cooler to picnics and summer gatherings. I love the combination of flavors, the colorful presentation, and of course, I love to see the happy faces of my guests once they’ve tried it.

We also have no-cook recipes when you have no time to make something for breakfast!


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